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The Claddagh Ring

The Hands are for Friendship the Heart is for Love he Crown is for Loyalty

“I will hold your heart in my hands and crown you with my love….”

Created in 1680 by Richard Joyce for his fiancee, it was a token of his love and appreciation. Richard was kidnapped from his silver shop in the “Claddagh” and sold into slavery. During his twenty years in captivity he never forgot his sweetheart back home. On his release he returned to the Claddagh, only to find his sweetheart had had faithfully waited, not knowing anything about his life as a slave. As word spread of their relationship everyone in Ireland recognised the “Claddagh Ring” as the ultimate symbol of Loyalty, lasting Friendship and Love.

In the early 20th century mothers would give one to their son the morning he left for America. Fathers would give one to their daughter, if she were the one joining the ranks of emigrant. The message was the same…” Good Luck..” we shall miss you, don’t forget your parents – We love you.

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Ogham script is named after a Celtic god names Ogmos. It dates to around the forth century – examples are found in Ireland’s ancient sites like Tara. It consists of twenty letters each named for a different tree, sacred to the druids.

The letters consist of a series of strokes, in combination, one to five strokes across a base line to form a word. Ogham was the first known written language in Ireland. Usually read from bottom to top or right to left.Irish jewellers today create lovely pieces using this ancient art form to create special pieces that embody this ancient Irish craft. Stop by Irish Eyes and learn more of this part of your Irish Culture.

Celtic Spirals

Celtic Spirals are probably the oldest existing form of Celtic Art. The finest examples created almost 6,000 years ago can be found at Newgrange – Ireland’s Valley of the Kings. Newgrange, known as Bru na Boinne is a short distance from the Hill of Tara. No one can be sure who built it or why, but we can tell it was an amazing creation, by Neolethic man that has survived to this day. Older than the Egyptian Pyramids of Stonehenge, even before the invention of the wheel, these Neolethic people here, created a timepiece that can pin point almost the exact moment that would be considered the end of the old year , the begining of the new,- the exact moment of the winter solstice. These triple spirals are found in large numbers in and around the tomb, and locally at other simular tombs at Knoth and Dowth. The finest example is found inside the tomb, having survived thousands of years, protected from the rain and the elements. Visit us at Irish Eyes and learn more about the Wonders of Newgrange.

Belleek Pottery

In 1849 John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited the Castlecaldwell estate, which encompassed the village of Belleek, from his father. Mindful of the plight of his tenants in the aftermath of the potato famine he sought to provide some form of worthwhile employment. An amateur mineralogist, he ordered a geological survey of his land. To his delight it revealed the necessary raw materials to make pottery – feldspar, kaolin, flint, clay and shale.

The village of Belleek, whose name in Gaelic, beal leice, translates to ‘‘Flagstone Ford’’, was a natural choice to locate the business, especially the part of the village known as Rose Isle. This small isle provided the best opportunity to unleash the yet untamed power of the River Erne – power to drive a mill wheel strong enough to grind components into Slip, the term applied to liquid potters clay.

Bloomfield acquired partners in the venture, Robert Williams Armstrong an architect from London but originally from Co. Longford who had an abiding interest in ceramics, and David McBirney, a wealthy Dublin merchant.

Next he pulled strings, lobbied and practically paved the way single handedly for the Rail Service to come to Belleek. By rail, coal could be brought in to fire the Kilns and the finished Belleek product could be sent to market with ease.

Raw materials, power, capital and transportation all in place, plans for the construction of a pottery building were drawn up. On Thursday 18th November 1858 Mrs Bloomfield laid the foundation stone.

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Galway Irish Crystal

Galway Irish Crystal has long been one of the world’s best known and loved brands of traditionally crafted Irish lead crystal. Nestled in the heart of the West of Ireland, on the shores of Galway Bay, Galway Irish Crystal is steeped in the rich and diverse heritage of this unique hinterland. Our Master Craftsmen are continuously inspired by the sheer beauty of the surrounding countryside – Connemara, Galway Bay and Lough Corrib – and influenced
by the wealth of history and folklore which is synonymous with Galway, the famous City of the Tribes.

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Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter has recreated the ancient craft of Pewter making in Ireland.
Wether it is a new born we have a complete line of heirloom gifts for this special occasion. Pewter tankards for his 21st birthday, Fathers Day, Christmas or retirement, personalized too.

Planning a Wedding –
Make it a Celtic Wedding with everything from wedding candle holders to toasting goblets. Tell her you love her for any occasion with a range of beautiful jewelry boxes, and more. Irish Eyes carries a wide range of Mullingar Pewter products and can get you any item in their product range. Why not stop by Irish Eyes and explore the entire Mullingar Pewter Collection