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Irish Trivia

In the Old Good Days


In Irish folklore what was the Leprachaun’s occupation?

What became legal in Ireland in 1977?

In what years did the Great Famine occur?

What does the phrase “Cead Mile Failte” mean?
100,000 Welcomes

What do the colors of the Irish Flag represent?
Green for the nationalist Roman Catholic
Gold-Orange for the Orangemen in the North
White for peace between the two.

Which Irish poet won the Nobel Peace Prise in 1923?

Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels?
Jonathan Swift

How many counties are there in Ireland?

How many counties are there in Northern Ireland?

How many counties are there in the Irish Republic?

Where does the water for Guinness come from?
The Wicklow Mountains

What is the highest mountain in Ireland ?
Carrauntoohil, County Kerry, 3,414 ft

What is the area of Ireland?
32,591 sq miles easy to remember 32 counties

What is the Population of Ireland?
almost 6 million

What currency do they use in Ireland ?
Euro and Pound Sterling

What is the predominant religion in Ireland?
Roman Catholic 74%